Video 29: Let It Go, A True Story About Forgiveness!

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Forgiveness is about letting go. This is one of the most amazing stories of forgiveness. A 17 year-old boy hits Chris William’s car while drunk driving and kills his wife – who is 6 months pregnant, as well as his son and daughter. Another son is critically injured. He forgives the driver, who is tried as a juvenile and sent to a detention centre. It’s the story of forgiving someone who caused someone so much pain of killing his family and a story of self forgiveness where the person who was responsible for killing a family also had to forgive himself.

When something happens to anyone, the anger and pain which we hold is not because of what the other person has done it’s because of the pain which is caused inside us. If you do not let the pain go, you keep going through same pain again and again. Forgiveness is not about forgiving someone else, it’s about setting yourself free from that pain so that you can move on. We all go through many things in life which bring pain. We can hold people/situations/God accountable for same and same way others hold us responsible for their pain. We need to rise above both to move ahead in life and evolve as a happier and better person.

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