Mind Your Intellect – A Mind Power Course

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Benefits Of Mind Your Intellect Course

Improved Mind Power can be beneficial in every area of your life. Some of the benefits of this course are: Increased Intuitions, Improved Psychic Powers, Faster Manifestation of your desires, Improved Study Results, Improved Focus and Better control over your emotions.

If you want to improve your mind power, memory or want to unleash the power of your unlimited mind, then this course is for you. This course is especially designed to help you understand how your mind works.

About Mind Your Intellect

1: Mind Power Book:
2: Two Guided Meditation CDs:

This book will help you understand how human mind works. It also explains you, how intuitions work and how you can take control over your emotions to create a life of your dreams.


  • Memory Management
  • Mind Maps
  • Brainstorming
  • Relaxation
  • Mind Levels (Alpha, Theta & Delta)
  • Intuitions
  • Concentration
  • Human Emotions
  • Stress Management
  • Improving Exam Results

These CDs contain 10 high quality scientifically developed guided meditations to help you increase the potential of your mind. Each guided meditation is designed differently for various purposes. These guided meditations would be amongst the most effective meditation exercises you will ever hear. These exercises are so powerful that they will take you to a whole new world.


  • 1: Relaxation Exercise
  • 2: Beach Side Meditation
  • 3: Fruit Meditation
  • 4: Flying Meditation
  • 5: White Light Meditation
  • 6: Journey Of Life
  • 7: Rainbow Meditation
  • 8: Divine Energy Streaming
  • 9: Plant Meditation
  • 10: Green Leaf Meditation

Sample Meditation Audios

Sample 1: Beach Side Meditation

Sample 2: Rainbow Meditation

Sample 3: White Light Meditation

Special Bonus: You will also get these 5 ebooks

(Worth Rs 300)

(Worth Rs 350)

(Worth Rs 366)

(Worth Rs 450)

(Worth Rs 297)

Note: This is a digital product. You will be able to download all the files right after your payment immediately!


These testimonials are randomly selected from our huge collection of several hundreds of them.
“This course has changed my life entirely. Today i am alive because of this course”Devendar Dutta
“This is amazing course and i religiously listen to these audio meditations every single morning”Satnaam Sing Saini
“The Only thing i can say about this course is, ITS AMAZING!! Hats off to you guys!”R.V.Chandrasekaran, Owner of Sriauroma centre for inner studies & healing, Pondicherry, India
“The voice and the background music is so soothing, It takes us to a different world altogether!”Amit, Software Developer, New Delhi, India
“Meditations are Very Effective and help a lot in relaxation & exploring yourself”Alex, Fashion Designer, U.S.A.
“I never knew our brain was capable of doing so much, Thank You for this Great Course!” Michelle, High School Teacher, Canada

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