Video 8: The Real Coach Carter!

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Coach Ken Carter was born in an abusive family and later grew up to become a famous basket ball coach. He realised that more than just sports skills, sportsmen need great values. Values to stand for their commitment, integrity & team work. He taught all his students to be great at academics before they were allowed to play games. He taught us, “We dont get paid by the hour, we get paid for the value we bring to the hour”.

Coach Carter’s coaching became so famous across the world, that hollywood directors decided to make a world famous movie on him, “Coach Carter”, which was launched in year 2005. Famous actor Samuel L. Jakson played the lead role as Coach Carter.

Over the period of time, Coach Carter was evolved as a world famous motivational speaker. He taught the world to stand by their commitments. He even asked people to write contracts for all the things which matter to them in life and sign the contracts themselves, so that people value their own commitments. Coach Carter, now runs an impact club and a non-profit organisation to help people improve themselves..

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