Video 5: Brandon Sulser, Lets be grateful for what we have!

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We all are blessed with so many miraclous gifts but we dont feel greatful enough for them. In-fact many of us dont even realise that we have these gifts. We are still able to live a healthy life, we can breathe, we can talk, hear, walk or even do things with our hands. Just imagine how would our life be without all these prescious things. Today lets take some time out and feel greatful for everything that we have.

This video is about, Brandon Sulser from Bountiful in US, he broke his neck when he was 18 years old and became quadriplegic (His all 4 limbs i.e. both the hands and legs got paralyzed). He did not sit in a corner and complaint about any injustice being done to him. He does not depend on anyone for his daily work. Infact, he helps other patients who are suffering from Paralysis at Intermountain Medical Centre in facing the challenges of life. Despite of all the struggles, he loves life and he is helping others in making most out of their lives. He helps patients with the disability at the hospital in moving ahead in life and teaches them how to be physically independent.

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