Video 4: Susan Boyle, I Dream A Dream!

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Susan Boyle was a very simple woman from a small village of Britain. She appeared on the set of “Britains got talent” for the first time in April 2009. Because of her simple looks and get up everyone among the audience started under estimating her. And when she was asked about her dream, she said that she wanted to become a professional singer, just like Elaine Paige. Suddenly everyone started laughing on her including the judges. But inside her mind, she was sure of her passion and what she wanted.

When she started singing (Ignoring all the expressions and comments against her), everyone was mesmerized. People couldn’t believe their ears. They couldn’t believe its the same simple lady from a small village. That was because she was singing from her heart, without worrying for being judged by the world and without fearing that she was being watched live by millions of people.

Just after 6 months of her first appearance, her first album was launched in November 2009 and it was bestseller across the globe. Which made her even more famous than Elaine Paige. So dear friends, so not under estimate your dreams and learn to stand for them. If you have the courage to stand for your dreams nothing will come on your way.

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