Video 33: Kamlesh Patel, I can dance without my feet!

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What would you do if dancing is your passion and you get paralyzed at the age of 5? At the young age of 5, when we have not even realized what our passion is, Kamlesh Patel got to know that he would not be able to walk anytime in his life. Without realizing at that time that he would not be able to dance on his feet which was his strongest love. Nothing can stop a person, who has strength in his determination! Kamlesh Patel invented a new dance form “Dance on hands” and started giving his performances. He became a known face after appearing in Dance India Dance reality show on Zee TV. Since then he has given more than 1000 international dance performances and has received many awards. He always says, “Having a disability is not a curse. Everything which you have received is a blessing.”

So true! We all have come here to make a difference and we all are born with a unique gift. No one is born with a curse and there is no one who is born without a gift. There is no disability other than disability of our thoughts. If you decide for something, you have the strength to cross any mountain and reach to any height. Someone else’s gift is not our weakness. We need to find our own unique gift, which will make our life purposeful and becomes a gift to the world. Every life is a beautiful gift of God and gives us an opportunity to make a difference. Every challenge can be an opportunity in disguise. It depends on us, how we accept it and use it.

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