Video 27: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Breaking All The Rules!

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It’s a name which does not need any introduction but what we don’t know is the story behind his success. It’s a story of true passion and determination. He was born in a small village in Austria. His father wanted him to be a Police officer and his mother wanted him to go to trade school. He use to break into gym even on weekends to workout. He had a clear vision of what he wanted to be. He spent a week in military prison as he had gone to participate in Jr. Mr Europe Contest without informing. Nobody believed in him but he had a clear vision. He kept on working hard, defying all the rules and making his own rules of success. He won the Mr Universe title many times and then became one of the finest actors, where again he was told that he has an accent, how can he become an English actor. He later became the Governor of California where he was again told that he can’t do it.

Success does not happen, it’s created with your passion and determination. As he says, trust yourself for what you want to achieve. Most of the times, we hold ourselves, because we have a fear of failure but failure doesn’t hold us back our fear does. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do what you believe in. If you believe in your dream then do everything you can do to make it happen. Most importantly, don’t hold back, give something to your society, to your nation, to humanity. We always want more and more but we forget that we need to give so that someone else also can have what we have. If we hold back, it would not live forever. However, if we give, it would always live. We all want success but to be successful depends on how much we want it and how much we want to work for it. Everyone can be successful, we just have to work for it.

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