Video 26: Narayanan Krishnan, serving beyond boundaries

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Naryanan Krishnan was an award winning Chef with Taj Hotel Bangalore and was supposed to go to Europe for 4 years. A small 4 days visit to his hometown Madurai changed his perspective towards life. After seeing a hungry old man eating his own waste, he quit the job and decided to feed the old and mentally ill people who are uncared for. Since 2002, he has been feeding 450 people 3 times a day and tells proudly that in his city there is no one who dies out of hunger now. He did not care about his religion or what society said. He burnt his sacred thread of a Brahmin to free himself of any religious restrictions to hug the ones who are not loved. Krishnan founded his trust Akshaya Trust in 2003, which helps to feed the homeless and mentally-disabled in. He is the first Indian to receive CNN Heroes award in 2010 and Hollywood award in US other than A.R. Rehman.

Today we are more worried about finalising the venue for New Year party but we forget to look at the people who are dying hungry. Do we care even to look at those who look at us with an expectation of some help? This life is the most beautiful gift we have ever received and the joy of receiving is amplified when we learn to give. We have always learned to get more and expect more but if we have not learned to give and share, the joy of receiving would be incomplete. So learn to share what you have and then you would see the beauty of life.

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