Video 2: Steve Jobs Stanford University Commencement

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Most of the times when life hits us hard, we forget to look at what all we can do. Steve Jobs is one of the greatest legends of all time. A guy who taught the world to think different!

In this video Steve Jobs shares 3 inspiring stories of his life. He shares with us, how he followed his intuitions to achieve the greatest achievements of his life. He also shares how he sailed through the toughest times of his life. The time when he had no money to buy his food, the time when he was kicked out of Apple (the company he himself started) and when he was diagnosed with cancer. This speech is one of the greatest speeches by Steve Jobs. Let’s learn from it and share it with all. He had no money, no company, but he had passion for life and he always loved what he did, giving us the greatest gifts of technology and more . . . .

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