Video 19: Patrick Hughes, I Am Potential!

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Patrick Henry Hughes, a 24 year old nationally known American pianist, singer, trumpeter and the author of the book “I am Potential” has performed at venues as diverse as the Kennedy Center, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Orange Bowl. He was born without two eyes and with a rare genetic disorder because of which he could not stretch his limbs, making him unable to walk and see. His family was devastated when he was born. However, he started playing piano at the age of 9 months exploring his rare talent.

Patrick has defied all his disabilities to lead a life of an example and this young beacon of light shows us how to embrace life with what we have instead of what we do not have. He says either you can look at disability or you can look at the potential you have and the opportunities you get. We all are blessed with something special in life, however, when we look at what we don’t have instead of looking at what we are blessed with, we lose what we have. So instead of complaining about life, lets be happy about what we have. There is no one who is disable, everyone is already perfect and blessed. Wake up and see, we all are walking potentials.

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