Video 14: Mother Teresa, Unconditional Love!

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Mother Teresa, a name which does not need any introduction has the power to inspire every heart to feel love. She spent the major part of her life serving poor in India but her message reached beyond India. She inspires us to believe that every one of us has God inside us and we must love poor and others not out of pity for them but because they are also a part of God. When we do something for them, we receive much more in return. Instead of looking at what we have done look at what we have received and you would realize how rich you are.

Once when asked, what we should do for world peace, she said, go and love your family. Everyone is hungry for love. Everyone is poor. When you feel you are unwanted and no one needs you, you are poor. The unwantedness is a great poverty. Do we really know the poor in our own house. May be they have food and clothes but are we sure that there is no one at home who feels unwanted. Love begins at home. Make sure your parents, your society, no one is poor. Turning your back to the poor is turning away from God. Love his people to love him.

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