Video 10: Mark Inglis, Finding Opportunities In Challenges!

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We all face challenges and life is all about how we find opportunities in those challenges. We all have dreams but life also wants to know that how much we want them. Mark Inglis only had one dream that he wanted to climb Mt. Everest but he lost his both legs to frostbites when he was just 23 while climbing. He did not push aside his dream when he saw himself without legs. In fact, after that he said to the world “Now, I will not get frost bites on those carbon legs.”

First double amputee to climb Mt. Everest, has a heart of Gold and he can feel others pain equally. He wants to give a happier life to others too. Not only he embraced change in his life he is also motivating others to face adversities with a new zeal. Now he is a researcher, wine maker and a motivational speaker who is inspiring people across the world with his un-deterring determination to conquer every challenge. As Sir Edmund Hillary says “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”, we also need to conquer fears inside us. The strength is inside you not in your body. Mark Inglis is the epitome of inner strength and when he can do it, all of us too can conquer any problem in our life.

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