The Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed

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In order to master Hypnosis, you must first understand that critical knowledge of WHY hypnosis works. Once you understand why it works, you will then know exactly the best approach to any situation. You will no longer risk using sub par techniques that end in a disaster, as this program will show you how to confidently use your knowledge of hypnosis whenever and wherever you desire.


You will get everything that is displayed in the image above (Explained Below)

Session 1: Introducing The “Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed”

In this first session, you’ll be initiated into the seemingly mysterious world of hypnosis. I’ll “draw back the curtains” for you so you understand what hypnosis really is.

What it is, what it is not and how you can practice hypnosis effectively and without difficulty.

Session 2: “How To Use Suggestion To Get What You Want”

Suggestion is one of the most important tools for effective hypnosis and influence.
Just understanding this one key principle will make a huge difference to your ability to influence and get people to do what your want.

However, few people really understand what suggestion is and how to use it effectively. When you complete this session, you’ll be one of the few who do.

I’ll shares with you some unique insights that make it easy to get inside someone’s mind. This is the key to then influence their unconscious to do things automatically at your suggestion.

There are also a number of exercises so you can really experience the power of suggestion for yourself. This is actually very important to your success as a hypnotist and something that few other hypnosis programs really explain.

Session 3: “Exactly How You Can Become A Hypnotist Almost Instantly”

This might seem a bold claim. But this is where you really start to get the benefit of my knowledge and experience.

Because I’ve spent years exploring every aspect of hypnosis, I know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

That means you don’t have to make the mistakes and go down the blind alleys I did. It’s all laid out for you. All you have to do is follow the simple directions and experience the results for yourself.

In this session you’ll discover how to think, sound and act like a true hypnotist. And you’ll get the benefit of a powerful hypnotic training that delivers in a few days the hypnotic experience and expertise that takes others months or years to acquire.

Session 4: “How To Put People Under Your Spell”

Here’s where everything you’ve discovered so far comes together and you experience the real power of hypnosis.

It’s truly exciting and you may never have experienced anything like this before.

I’ll introduce you to the classic form of induction, or hypnotic trance, and guide you through the whole process.

The classic induction is one of the easiest to get right. That means you’ll be hypnotizing people within minutes of listening to this session.

Session 5: “Advanced Techniques For Putting People Under Your Spell”

In this session you’ll expand your power by mastering different kinds of inductions.

This will expand your hypnotic repertoire and the range of your influence.

Session 6: “Power Tactics To Deepen Your Hypnotic Effects”

This next session is all about refining your skills to make them even more powerful and effective.

You’ll discover the power principles and strategies that very few hypnotists ever properly master.

These advanced strategies virtually guarantee success before you even begin. People will literally be unable to resist your suggestions.

Session 7: “How To Safely Strengthen And Use Your New Hypnotic Powers”

In this final session, I cover two topics to complete your range of hypnotic skills.

Firstly, there is some straight talking about the problems that can arise when using hypnosis.

Now when you follow some common sense guidelines, you can relax because it’s unlikely you’ll encounter any problems. Even if you do, you’ll know exactly what to say and do to handle the situation confidently and successfully.

But it’s important you’re prepared. And too many other hypnosis courses simply gloss over or ignore this important topic.

Finally, I’ll share some advanced tips on how to get concrete results with hypnosis to combat mental and physical stress, improve your memory, prepare for important meetings or tests, boost creativity and unleash your inner problem solving genius.

You Also Get These 3 FREE Bonus Advanced “Expert Level” Sessions

Bonus #1: “Insider Secrets Of Suggestion Power”

In this audio session you go “Behind the scenes” to discover the psychological principles that make suggestion work.

Plus you’ll discover some fun suggestion experiments to amaze friends and improve your command of hypnotic suggestion.

Bonus #2: “How To Zone People Through The Floor With The Classic Induction”

Experience for yourself a complete version of the classic hypnotic induction together with power words, enriched language, hypnotic themes, abstractions and visual metaphors

With these keys you’ll be able to provide others with wonderful, relaxing, and

Bonus #3: “Discover The Hypnotic Inductions Of The Masters”

I share with you two additional types of hypnotic inductions that will add to your skills and understanding. The two are the famous “Elman Induction” and the little known “Dynamic Induction”. With these inductions in your repertoire, you can create rich and rewarding experiences and take people (and yourself) on positive and powerful hypnotic adventures.

Each of these bonus sessions could very easily be offered as a separate program. Conservatively, they are worth $47 each (and really a lot more).

But you get all 3 of them (a value of at least $141) included for FREE with your copy of “Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed”.

Plus As An Extra Bonus…

Bonus #4: “Audio Transcripts Manual” And Bonus Study Guide

I’ve had the entire course professionally transcribed and converted to a PDF. There’s also a detailed table of contents so you can zero in on any part of the course if you need an instant refresher of any of the techniques.

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