Rock Solid Reiki Meditation Package

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With our program you will discover that it is possible to meditate and improve your overall Reiki in just 30 minutes a day. This cutting edge, brainwave entrainment techniques of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones will take you to a profound level of meditation, self-healing and embracing your intuitive abilities. Prepare to reduce stress, awaken psychic abilities and wipe out all negative behavior.


Meditations included in the package

1: Developing Intuitive Reiki Meditation

Reiki, in the West – as you now know – has had the intuitive side of it completely left out…

And this is very sad indeed.

So, this beautiful meditation encourages the development and expansion of this vital aspect of Reiki within you…

…allowing you to effortlessly move beyond knowledge into knowing and a more profound connection with Reiki and Infinite Consciousness!

2: Strengthening Your Connection to Reiki

This meditation is a natural follow on to the Developing Intuitive Reiki Meditation…

…as it works to connect you more deeply with the Reiki Source within allowing you to live in the moment – to know without thinking…

…to dissolve fear with love – to be joyful and happy – to be full of vitality – to glow with health, and…

To become one with the Reiki energy!

3: Ultimate Chakra Balancing Meditation

The media is constantly bombarding you with negative information.

Statements are continually being made about the state of the world economy – with recessions, depressions, job losses, home losses and terrorism too being high on the agenda…

…and sometimes some of it can ‘hit home’ – you can, quite literally, take a hit and be thrown off balance.

But that’s exactly what this meditation is designed to stop!

It’s here to stop those wobbles…

And allow you to access a place deep inside that is calm and serene, steadfast and true, where you can feel your own Rock Solid Reiki energy stabilizing your seven Chakra centers and your world around you.

4: Reiki Riches Meditation

Woody Allen said: ‘Money is better than poverty if only for financial reasons’.

And whilst that quote is funny it also contains the grand truth…

…that having money really is better than poverty – as anyone who’s lived through the poverty experience of ‘not having enough’, and come out the other side, will tell you.

You see, there’s absolutely no truth to the belief that you have to be poor to be spiritual and I want you to fully understand and know that.

I want you to be truly healthy, wealthy and wise…

And this meditation will help you to become abundant and prosperous in all things.

So, what else can I expect from my meditations?

Well there’s a burgeoning body of evidence showing that regular meditation can help…

Awaken psychic abilities
Increase your intelligence
Develop latent abilities
Reduce stress & lower blood pressure
Wipe out negative behaviour
Eliminate depression and much, much more besides…
…and when you add all this to the fact that you’ll finally be using Reiki in the way it was originally intended by Usui…

You’re in one of those win, win positions you plainly can’t ignore.

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