Learn To Live A Happy Life!

“Pain is inevitable but suffering is our choice.”
“You are born to live a happy, meaningful and abundant life.”

After creating awareness about Law of Attraction through our workshops for 8 years in India Golden Inspirations brings you a New workshop “Absolute Freedom”. This workshop is especially designed to help people in understanding and accepting life unconditionally and realizing the purpose of a human life. Attend this workshop to understand your purpose and to end your sufferings forever. This workshop will answer many questions about the mysteries of life and will share the secret of eternal happiness.

You must attend this workshop if:
You are not happy in your life
You are tired of problems in life
You do not know the purpose of your life
You feel there is no one to understand you
Instead of giving you support, relationships are becoming a burden
You feel that there is no one to love you the way you deserve to be loved
You feel that life has been hard on you
Same situations keep repeating in your life in one or the other form
There is no harmony inside you and around you

You will get the answers for the following questions!
What is the Absolute Freedom & how to achieve it?
Why were we born?
Why do we go through so much pain?
How to put an end to the sufferings?
What do we have to do to be happy?
How do we grow and evolve in life?
How to achieve abundance in life?
What is our purpose?
What is Karma?
What is God?

Trainer: Sheetal Jain
Introduction Audio:

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We are born to live a free, happy, fulfilling and complete life. However, due to our ignorance and lots of conditioning we suffer throughout our life. We go through a lot of emotional and physical pains without realising that pain is inevitable in life but suffering is our choice. We are suffering because we have chosen to and we can end it by increasing our awareness and connecting with our self. The purpose of this workshop is to help people in liberating themselves from every kind of suffering and living a happy and pain free life.

What’s Included in the training fees?
Here’s what you’ll receive:
1. Full 1 Day Training 9:00AM – 6:00PM
2. Related Training Material (Manual, CDs …..)
3. Certificate of Participation
4. 2 Times Tea/Coffee with Snacks
5. Gourmet Lunch
6. A Surprise Bonus
7. PLUS. . . A life time membership, where you will be eligible to repeat the same workshop FREE of cost forever.

All This For Just Rs 5,900/- Per Person

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