What is Life Counselling / Life Coaching?

You buy a small gadget and you get an instruction manual along with it to teach you how to operate with that. For everything we have an instruction manual but the biggest puzzle called life did not come with any manual. You came to this Earth and you did not get your instructions and thus you started experimenting and growing and failing and learning. Always asked why we don’t have any school which teaches us how to live a fulfilling life so that we can be happy. Everyone teaches us and says that we shall be happy, but no one tells us how to be happy.

To answer your various concerns we have life coaching which brings you the lessons from the School of Life.
Life coach holds your hand and walks with you, so that you can learn about life. Your coach will increase your self awareness to take you from where you are to where you want to be so that you can live a fulfilling life.

The coach will help you in connecting with your real self and your life purpose, so that you can live a happy and joyful life. It will help you in taking actions, overcoming any obstacles in your path and achieving your dreams which will lead you to a celebrated life. Your coach will equip you so that you will not depend on anyone else and would be able to live a meaningful life. The coach will also help you in releasing your past and the events which have been pulling you back.

Life coach will work with you on a holistic level taking care of your internal and external development which will help you in paving your path in the future. Life coaching helps you in breaking the inhibitions and the invisible barriers which you have created inside and blocked your own growth. Life coaching will help you in accepting yourself and this Universe unconditionally thus allowing the flow of love and abundance in your life.

How can Life Coaching help you?

  • Life coaching will help you in raising your awareness level so that you can solve your life problems yourself (Current as well as future problems/issues).
  • You will be able to accomplish what you had always wanted to do.
  • It will help you in understanding and breaking your old patterns thus releasing your past issues and problems.
  • It will help you in releasing your blockages, thus freeing you to receive love and happiness.
  • It will help you in increasing your self awareness thus establishing a connection with your real self.
  • It will help you in accepting yourself and this world unconditionally, thus inviting unconditional love which we always want in life.
  • It will equip you in handling your own life thus making you self reliant.
  • It will take you on the path of love and happiness.

About us & our coaches

Golden Inspirations is one of the oldest training companies in India which deals in mind power and life improvement related workshops. Within last more than 8 years, we have interacted with countless people and understood their problems. And we have contributed in solving them in one or other way. Because of which we have the best counsellors with the right experience and right attitude to help you. Our counsellors will not only help you solve your current problems/issues but also they will help you raise your awareness level so that you can tackle all the future problems yourself, making you self reliant.

  • All our coaches have very rich personal and professional experience of life.
  • They are experienced spiritual healers and understand how energies work.
  • All of them are well verse with the topics like, Law Of Attraction, Mind Power and Psychology.
  • They very well understand the criticality of relationships and how they can be made healthy.

The Process and how we do it

So let’s see how does it work:
1: You will let us know a brief about your issue/expectation, on the basis of which our team will help you choose an expert coach in your closest vicinity.
2: You will be able to connect with your coach through 5 Coaching Sessions of 60-90 minutes each, every month. You can choose the frequency of sessions depending on your requirements and availability of the coach.
3: Apart from the coaching sessions above, you will also be able to make brief consultation phone calls of 10-15 minutes duration to take regular advices/suggestions while you start making changes in your life. This is important to keep you on the right track.
4: There will be occasional check in calls by your coach.

How the sessions will be held?
The sessions can be conducted in any of the following ways depending on your choice.
Face to Face: In the office or at the place of convenience mutually agreed between you and your coach.
On Phone: If you cannot be physically present or travel, the session can be held over the phone at the time chosen by you and your coach.
On line (Video Chat): If we do not have the coach available in your city and you are unable to travel, you can avail life coaching through internet using video chat with tools like Skype and other video chatting platforms.

How much does it cost?

You can hire our experienced personal coach for Just Rs 15,000/- for a month
Your coach will work together with you to solve your personal life issues

What all is included?

  • Maximum 4 session of 60-90 minutes each (More sessions can be arranged for little extra cost)
  • Up to 10 short calls of 10-15 minutes each to keep you on the right track every month, apart from the main sessions.
  • Occasional check in calls by your coach.
  • Freedom to choose or switch life coach if you are not satisfied.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Process to start?

Step 1: Fill up the form below and tell us about yourself.
Step 2: Someone from our team will call you, explain you about the process and help you connect with an experienced coach.
Step 3: Your coach will take you forward and help you improve your life.

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