Money Vibration By Joe Vitale

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Who doesn’t want to allow more money into their life? Especially when it’s as easy as listening to music that has been specifically calibrated to align your energy with money. The real secret is that money has its own energy, and you have your own energy. In order to attract money, these energies need to match each other. In order to harness this energy (and in turn attract more money), allow us to teach you how to change your vibration to match money through our hypnotic story.


GUARANTEED: How to Attract More Money By Merging With The Energy of Money!

Announcing — “The Money Vibration Audio”
A breakthrough new special audio that brings your vibrational energy into alignment with the essence of money.
  • Powerful! – “The Money Vibration Audio” uses especially composed music synced with an embedded hypnotic story to activate your body-mind system.
  • Imagine! – The more you become “one with money,” the more you become a magnet for money!
  • Guaranteed! – This all happens easily, as you just let the music play as you do whatever you want…

From the E-Desk of Dr. Joe Vitale
A star in the hit movie “The Secret,” author of
Hypnotic Writing and The Attractor Factor, etc.

Dear Friend –

I have great news!

Since you are open minded and ready to allow more money into your life, I know you are ready to order “The Money Vibration Audio.”

But before you order it today, let me say a few things about it.

This is the most amazing audio ever created. It’s magic.

You can now sit back and relax – or work on your computer, rest, meditate, sleep, walk, workout, make love, surf the Internet or anything else (except driving) – and just let this breakthrough new audio bring your system into alignment with money.

How does it work?


There’s a hint in this quote from a famous physicist –

“There is no matter as such—mind is the matrix of all matter.” -Max Planck

“Mind is the matrix of all matter”?

What are we really talking about here?

Do you mean your mind can actually influence matter?

YES! Let me pull back the curtain and reveal….

Here’s the Real Secret —

  • Money has its own energy.
  • You have your own energy.
  • If they both match, you will both attract each other.
  • If they don’t match, however, money won’t come to you, or when it does, it won’t stay long.

You’ve probably seen this in life.

Someone wins the lottery but is broke a year later.


Their system wasn’t in alignment with that much money. They had to literally push it away to feel better again.
You do that on a smaller scale. Haven’t you ever wondered why you just have enough money to squeak by?

It’s because your vibration isn’t a complete match to the vibration of money.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You don’t have to struggle anymore.

I have a way out.

Here’s the answer –

It’s not your fault that your energy hasn’t matched money. You were never taught that your vibration attracts a match to it.

What is your vibration?

It’s the energy you emit due to your beliefs in your unconscious.

You have a vibration right now, though you may not be aware of it..

The secret to attracting more money is in changing your vibration to match the vibration of money.

Obvious, right?

But HOW do you change your vibration to that of money?

“The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation.” -Arnold Patent

Here’s The Good News — Announcing – “The Money Vibration Audio.”

I created a strategic original hypnotic story to speak to your unconscious mind. You can listen to it audibly OR you can let it speak subliminally to your unconscious without you hearing it.

Either way, it works.

In other words, you get to instantly download all three amazing tracks to choose from: one to hear my story with the music, and one to hear the music but without consciously hearing the story (your unconscious hears it instead) and one with just the music by itself.

See how easy this is?

I’m excited for you!

What If This Is A Placebo?

I understand you may be skeptical. I don’t blame you.

It’s probably easy to dismiss this stunning new audio as a placebo – a type of “sugar pill” that only works if you believe it does.

Well, I’ll be blunt.

Placebos are powerful.

If you believe something will work, it will work. That’s what a placebo proves.

It’s all in your mind.

And that’s the point!!!

Your mind is why you have struggled with money until today.

You have believed lies about money, self worth, prosperity and more. Those lies have NOT served you – yet you believed them.

Now it’s time to correct your course through life. Listen to this leading edge new audio and allow it to give you a new belief system.

After all, if you truly get what you believe, then shouldn’t you start believing in something that will bring you freedom?

You deserve it, right?

You want more money, yes?

You’re ready for this, aren’t you?

Don’t Kid Yourself!

Let’s be honest.

You need money.

You have bills to pay. Right?

Whether you think money is spiritual or not is beside the point. (I think it is spiritual, but what I think shouldn’t matter much.)

Bottom line: You need it!!

Well, here’s your chance to get in alignment with it.

Money itself is neutral. But you aren’t neutral about it. You have beliefs about it. Those beliefs create an energy that attracts it or repels it.

Since you need it, doesn’t it make sense to be at peace with it?

If you agree, then before you order “The Money Vibration Audio” right now, lets look at one final issue that is probably on your mind…

What’s this worth?

Think about this –

How much is the solution to your money concerns?

I’ve been practicing hypnosis since the late 1960s. If you paid me for a private session, it’d be about $5,000 an hour. Or more. And I’d probably refuse to do it, anyway, as I’m busy with many projects as it is.

Pat has numerous albums out and travels Europe performing. You could probably hire him to play music for you, but I bet it would cost you a new car. And that’s assuming he felt like performing a private concert just for you.

Instead, we created something you could use where you didn’t need us in person.

And we made this easy and affordable for you.

You can get both tracks right now for the introductory price of only $19.

Later we will charge $99 for this.

For today, it’s only $19

Buy Now For $19


All our marketplace products come with 60 days unconditional money back guarantee. Don’t like a product? No problem, get a full refund! So go ahead and shop with confidence.

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