Introducing BarterPay

Now you can pay for our products/services using anything valuable you have!

How does it work?

  • Think of what can you offer

    Think of all the possible products or services you can offer in exchange of our products/services. Remember, the value of your offerings should be more than or equal to our pricing.

  • Submit the form below with your offer details

    Describe the products/services you are willing to offer to us in detail in the form below. If you have more than one offer, please describe all of them in a sequence in the description box.

  • Our team will review your offer and reply

    Our team will carefully review your offer. If it is of any value to us, we will reply to your email within 72 hours.

What all can you offer?

Options are limitless! Be creative and think of what can be useful for us. We will say yes to anything that is valuable for our company, team members and our customers.

Your professional services

Conference Hall Usage

Holiday Packages

Other tangible items

Precious Items: Gold & Silver

Hotel Rooms

Gift products

Your training programs

BarterPay Offer Form